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Some say relationships would be great if it wasn't for the other people. Let's fix that!

When we think of relationships we tend to think of a significant other. We can't forget about friends and family! We've broken down a few of our relationship posts into three categories: 

1. Significant Others

2. Friends

3. Family

Let's take a look at each piece of the relationship puzzle! 

Significant Others

This can mean a lot of different things to different people, but we'll make it simple and relate it to people like husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. Even if you don't like titles, you get the idea. Check out these posts for more:

Lots of thoughts about online dating because, guess what! You're online right now. Most of these principles can also be transferred offline as well. ​


Some people are so easy to get along with. Some people you have to get along with on purpose. Can we do it all better? Maybe you have some big regrets about past friendships. Well check out the articles below and let's see if we can help:

And we saved the best for last.


It's crazy how the most important relationships can be some of the hardest. Family bonds are strong, so why is it so hard to get along? Check out the posts below to add some relational tools to your tool belt:

As always, we hope that we've helped shine a light on next steps for you! 

Please send us a message if there's anything we can help with that you haven't found here.