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What Should I wear on my first date

Updated: Mar 1

What Should I wear on my first date?

Are you going to attend your first date but you can’t decide on what to wear to look pretty and impress your date. Don’t be sad, because we have got your back. You are living in a world full of innovative ideas about fashion, clothing, and a lot more.

Where there have been done a lot of technological advancements, science has also done some research work on colors that can enhance your overall physical appearance along with giving you confidence. You would be surprised to know that wearing something to look attractive on your first date is a concern of about 24 million adults in the US.

Try to wear something red

In research by Daniela Niesta and Andrew Elliot in 2008, it has been found that men were attracted by those women who wore red clothes or something that contained the combination of red color with other colors. Men highly appreciated the overall physical appearance of women wearing red color. Men found such ladies as sexually desirable and attractive. So, without thinking about it twice, you can wear red color.

Are you still not happy? Oh, don't worry if red is not your color or you don't want to mislead your date by giving hints like availability or sexual interest (not in all cases), we have got something else for you. Black is your color in that way. Red might give a sexy look, but the grace comes with Black. Elegance, grace, attraction, and safety are some associated attributes of black color. The black color will not give your partner misleading thoughts.

Dress up to express yourself

People usually put on trending clothes with various designs, patterns, styles, or colors, regardless of thinking if they look good or not just to impress others. Remember, this being your first date, you have to make an impression by expressing yourself. As the first impression is the last impression, you have to dress up the way you usually do when you are feeling yourself. You don't need to be extra to leave an impression, but you can dress up the way you feel. Try wearing something that you have already worn and being complimented for. This way, you will not only look great but feel confident on your date.

Wear an adequate amount of makeup

Makeup is famous for its magical effects in real life. Remember, imperfection is nothing, and the real beauty is inside you. Makeup is just to enhance that beauty and to hide little flaws. Wearing too much makeup on a date to look good is a misconception. You surely don't want to disappoint your partner by presenting a faked up to look.

An adequate amount of makeup goes well that too, with natural or nude shades. Your facial features must be enhanced, not covered up in makeup. If we talk about the long run, your partner will lose interest and trust in you because of the varying looks and expectations not fulfilling.

Lastly, be yourself

Our daily appearance is affected by the response we get from others. We try to wear clothes that can add grace, styles, charm, and reflect our personality to our audience. As stated earlier, clothes should be worn in a way that they look good on you rather than giving you an uncomfortable feeling or awkwardness. Remember, we make clothes, not clothes make us. So, you need to be yourself when choosing something to wear. Especially when you are looking for love, you need to dress up to express yourself and feel confident.