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Things you should know before you go for online dating

Updated: Mar 1

Online dating has become much popular among people to meet new people easily, find true love, and indulge in relationships or just for sex.

But the question is, do you think that online dating is good for you? This might be personal to you, but ask yourself this question? Why are you not getting satisfied?

This is probably because you are expecting too much from the next person or you are moving way too fast, looking for the better and better. Here, you need to learn about how you can maintain a realistic set of expectations from others. So you would be able to find a meaningful relationship and a good match for yourself whom you can spend your life with.

Before you can sign up on any dating website, you must know following thins to judge the good and bad about dating websites.

1. Beware of the fake profiles

Not everyone you talk to on the dating website is real. There is a possibility that if you are talking to a too good profile that is hard to believe to be real, it is a paid profile for keeping people engaged to the website. You might be chatting with robots. Remember, you need to be careful from such profiles as they are fake.

Another indication of a fake profile is that if they are talking to you but not showing you the adequate amount of response, that’s the clue. There is a 20% chance that the profile is not fake and engaged in replying to other profiles as well. So, don’t take too personal.

2. Controlling everything is not possible

Talking to a lot of profiles means that you have a higher chance of meeting people in person. It does not mean that you should start dating random people but people of your interest and those who are interested in you.

The ones who you feel like meeting in person and taking things forward in case you want to. In the event, if you like someone you are talking to, and that person is not responding to your texts quite often, you don't need to take that too seriously.

It is possible that the next person hasn't seen your text or was engaged in a busy week. Just wait for them to respond and see if they want to take things any further.

3. Misleading profiles

Your approach and purpose could be entirely different when you are on a dating website i.e., sincerity in dating, finding true love, or looking for a relationship, but that does not mean everyone on the dating website has similar intentions. You might have listed things out in your profile just as you are or what you are looking for.

You might be clean and transparent to everyone out there, but everyone out there is not equally transparent. Therefore, you need to have a sharp eye on misleading profiles and prefer your safety and self-respect above your willingness to meet new people.

4. People using fake pictures

Some profiles will surely be using fake pictures to get multiple responses from random people to satisfy their internal ego or feel worthy. They don't want to meet anyone in real life to be exposed to using fake pictures. You cannot change their thinking or behavior in this regard, so ignore them.

5. Don’t rely on just online dating

There are multiple ways to find someone whom you can spend your life with or date someone. Relying only on online dating is not a healthy option. You need to focus on your social relationships as well. Maintain strong bonds with your friends, family, co-workers, and neighborhood. There is a chance that you get a click and find someone in your closed ones rather than on an online dating website.

So... what now??

Get out there and give it a shot! You got this!

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