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Make money online from home

Updated: Mar 2

If you search online, you will find numerous ways to make money online. We wanted this post to be different from the regular content available online. You can read about affiliate marketing, blogging, content writing, SEO trading and many other modes of making money online.

If nothing clicks you, maybe you should just become an online gamer and challenge folks around the world! Sounds interesting, no?

There are some invisible rules of making money online which you won’t find listed anywhere.

These rules should be an instinct of everyone who is stepping into this field. Unfortunately, these secrets are learned through experience. In this post, I would be sharing these gems which can help in making your tumble journey not smooth but bearable!

Intent to Earn

It is important to have determination to earn in online field. You will not make money initially but as a leader you need to think long-term. This game can be hugely profitable if you have patience to hang on and work hard. They say, patience is a virtue, it stands true in case of online business.

Most people choose to quit if they don’t find direction or feel too much pressure. If you go through the same stage, just remember my words, ‘Hold on for a while, good things take time.’ There is plenty of information available online and there are multiple channels to gather information. You will never feel pointless if you have ‘intent to earn’.

Risk Taking Ability

You might be stepping into online business as a part or full timer. You must be sacrificing your current job, your leisure time or something else to make money online. This means something is already at stake. This ability of taking risks help you grow in longer run. As you settle into routine, you can dedicate your complete time and energy towards this!


Similar to any offline business, stagnancy is a parasite which kills the revenue. It is significant to be open-minded in online business. It is possible that what you are doing today might have to be discontinued tomorrow because of XYZ reasons. This makes diversification important.

You may start with one line of business, but you can spread through branches and leaves of this tree. For instance, if you started with content writing, you may try your hand in blogging too! This reduces your dependency and gives you confidence to take up new opportunities.

24/7 Caution

There are many risks involved in online business. People may fool you and mint your hard-earned money in fraction of seconds. All of us are educated but accidentally we all fall prey to circumstantial situations! It is perfectly fine to see everything with an eye of caution.

Be careful with everything

Even the OTP that you just received on your phone! This will enable you to research and deep dive before taking any crucial step. It will help you in your personal and professional life.

Have Fun and Enjoy

This is the most important principle! You have chosen to work from home because you need some flexibility and enjoyment in your life. Don’t forget to redeem your privileges!