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Life changing dating tips for men and women

Updated: Mar 2

Life-changing dating tips for men and women

How should you approach your dating partner? What should be the first line to say? What things you shouldn't talk about? Who will be paying the bill on the first date? Who should make the first move? There are tons of questions that run from the mind when you are going on a date.

Don't worry; you will be getting answers to all your questions right here.

Providing you advice on how to start a conversation online, get ready, giving a graceful entry in the restaurant or café, what to wear, and what to say and how to say it? We have got life-changing dating tips for men and women, which will completely change the way you date.

Tip 1: Be yourself

First of all, you need to make it clear to yourself that you need to, and you have to be yourself rather than someone else that your dating partner is expecting you to be. That is not going to work in the long run as it will lead towards mistrust, incompatibility issues, and finally breakup. You certainly don't want that.

Therefore, you need to be yourself, be open and honest with your partner. Pretending to be someone else, showing interest in topics you don't care about, just because the next person likes it, can backfire seriously. Always say what you mean and say it with your heart.

Tip 2: Say what you are interested in

On the first date, people usually can't find topics to talk about and get to know each other, which ultimately ends up in a momentary date, and it's over before it even started. You would want to know the next person you are dating, so you need to open up yourself and talk about what you are interested in.

Talk about your interests and hobbies, your internal feelings, what you think, what you feel rather than discussing movies, songs, current events, or religions. You can save all these things to be discussed later. Your dating partner is more interested in knowing you.

Tip 3: Don’t rush

Usually, most of our men are in a sort of rush to be in a relationship on the first date. Slow down; it's not a racecourse. Women dislike men who are in a hurry to take things to the next level. Similar goes for women as well. If you like a man on your first date, let him speak it to you first. Don't expect him to be the man of your dreams on the first date.

What you can do is, spend some quality time with each other and a few cups of coffee or dinner or a walk in the park together for a couple of weeks to check the compatibility and see where it goes. Remember, you don't have to snuff out your partner by imposing any relationship. It won't ever work.

Tip 4: Dress up

The next thing that should be kept in mind before going on a date is to dress up adequately and nicely. You should not wear anything that makes you look like someone else. Wearing too glamorous outfits on a date is a bad idea.

Instead, you can wear something beautiful, having a unique color and design, giving you comfort and confidence in yourself. Again, you need to be yourself. You should wear something that has already got you complements.

Tip 5: Good Behavior and Manners

What good behavior and manners can do for you on your date, is something that nothing on this earth can do. Why would anyone want to date someone with bad manners or having lousy behavior? No one likes to be insulted or feel offended. So, be very careful with what you say, how you speak, and how you show up your personality.