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Ideas to maintain a healthy relationship with families for teenagers

Updated: Mar 3

Maintaining a healthy relationship with families has never been an issue for teenagers until they started refusing and doing things on their own. It is not a bad thing to be independent but ignoring your elders for things they ask you to do. Parenting experts have focused on building healthy relationships with families to maintain a healthy life.

Parents usually get mad or disappointed or worried when you:

· Refuse them to do what they ask

· Unwittingly forget to do agreed-upon task

· Deny things you have agreed to in the past

· Say that you don’t understand what they say more than once or twice

· Try to insult them or put them down in front of others

· Misbehave and use foul words

· Don’t pay attention to them during meaningful conversations

· Do not respond to their calls or texts

· Slam the doors, shout on them, and scream

· Repeatedly threaten them by saying that you want to leave the house.

As suggested by the parenting experts, these are very common behaviors of most teenagers, so parents should not take these behaviors personally. Rather than, they can be polite and gentle with their children. They can try to calm them down by giving a hug, saying words of love and affection, and giving nice little presents.

For teenagers, they need to understand that this is not the way to convey their feelings and emotions. There are other nice ways as well. Have you ever asked yourself a question every time you had a bad relationship with your family that why is it happening? Who is responsible? Who should take a step forward to create a healthy relationship with family? Should I keep fighting like this or change it? If yes, then you probably need to change your behavior and stop fighting with your family all the time.

How do you do it? Let’s have a look at the following ideas to maintain a healthy relationship with families.

1. Remember, you are a child

Your parents are taking up your responsibility in making you an independent citizen and fully functional human being. Whatever they are doing, they are doing it in your favor. You need to remain satisfied and trust your parents. Your parents are more important than anyone else in this world.

2. Keep your parents in the loop

If you have done something that you don’t want anybody to know, that is probably something you are going to pay for later. So, it is better to keep your parents in the loop to stay safe and to find a better solution. No need to fear.

3. Talk more

Your parents are always there to listen to your problems and give you a better solution to make you a better person. So, it is time to open up to your parents and let them know how you feel and what are your problems? This is your chance to share your ideas, thoughts, and creativity with your parents, which will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your family.

4. Respect

Respect is an essential part of any relationship. Without respect, nothing can sustain. So, you don’t have to disrespect your parents in any way. You will surely get a lot of good things in return for respect.

5. Make healthy choices

Your first and most important choice to make should be the creation of strong bonding with your parents. You need to make them your best friends by talking to them about your things and getting their response. Discuss your expectations and your choices regarding daily life things.

6. Be real

Your parents are the only beings on the planet with whom you should never lie. Be open, transparent, honest, and real with them. Your family will be the support in your difficult situations that you can ever think of. That's why it is really important to share your inner feelings with them honestly and gain their trust.