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Is eHarmony legit??

Updated: Mar 3

If you are in search of "the one," you have arrived at the right place. Finding your soulmate has never been easier.

You would be glad to know that there are around 7 billion people on your planet earth, and yet, everyone is in search of that one person whom they can spend the rest of their life with regardless of how many god looking or rich people are still single or waiting for someone. That's because of people looking for soulmates. If you prefer both sexes, you have 7 billion options to choose from, and on the other hand, the opposite gender has got you 3.5 billion options.

The confusion happens when you are not satisfied with the one you found, or you thought about your true love. What will happen if you love doesn't love you back? Or if you find someone better? You are confused here.

Let’s discuss some other things for your clarity

First of all, you should know yourself before signing up on any dating website. What are you looking for, and what is a set of your prerequisites that look into a person for dating or relationship? You should have a list of attributes in your mind that you wish to see in a person who is available on eHarmony. But that does not mean setting up a list that includes specific hair color, body shape, or unnecessary requirements because by doing that, you are making yourself ready for the biggest of disappointments.

Finding someone with no imperfections or a perfect fit is impossible because all human beings have some flaws. If you keep finding under the context of perfection, you will be left all alone and end up terminating your relationships.

On eHarmony, you will find a lot of people having different natures, backgrounds, brought ups, thinking, mindset, and moral and ethical values. Each person has a different and unique personality and has a wholly unique world inside it. Your soulmate will give you a nice feeling of completion and satisfaction. That's your "the one" that you've been looking for.

Online dating is such an easy way to find your soulmate, but what if you are in a healthy relationship and living a perfect life, and you get a click of feelings with someone else in your real life or through social media? In some cases, someone better than your current partner comes in your life and that the part when disruption in your life starts. Sometimes, things happen in life, and you have to face them no matter they are positive or negative.

In case if you are not happy with your current relationship, then you might look for other opportunities. What if you think someone else as "the one" and then another person as ''the one" for you? Are you thinking of having two ones? No, that's kind of crazy. It is exactly like your partner having two partners at the same time. How would you feel? How would you feel your true love, loving you back, and loving someone else at the same time? Is it possible to have two soulmates?

The answer is a big NO. There is one for everyone in the world. Therefore, you need to realize that you don’t have to be that choosy and start accepting the flaws of others. That way, you will get an internal feeling of eternity and true love.