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Fight Sleepiness at Work

Updated: Mar 2


A good sleep is a remedy to a lot of things. It can make you get over many events which are undesired, ranging from acute misery to a drunken night. A sound sleep cleanses your system and while many complain about feeling sleepy throughout the day, they can get over this problem by simple sleeping soundly at night.

Here are six supplements that can help you get some sleep!

1. MELATONIN: Melatonin is a hormone which is secreted in your body and which helps in alarming you about your time to sleep. Sometimes, this hormone can be taken into the system through medicines who are suffering sleeplessness due to any reason.

2. VALERIAN ROOT: A the name suggests, this is a root of an herb grown in Asia and Europe. The roots of the herb are used in making organic sleep promoters. Since the medicines are made organically, they do not cause any side effect in short term use.

3. MAGNESIUM: A mineral which is found in abundance. Magnesium has the capability to regulate levels of melatonin in your body. It also enhances your quality of sleep.

4. LAVENDER: A sweet smelling flower often used in medicines and beauty products. In aromatherapy, a famous and popular product by the name of lavender oil is quite in use. This oil helps in calming the brain and clearing the mind with its sweet smell.

5. PASSION FLOWER: Firstly experimented on animals due to its wild presence, this flower has been tested to give good results when used in sleep promoters. A special tea is made from this flower which helps in calming your nerves.

6. GLYCINE: Glycine is an amino acid which lowers the body temperature and signals your brain about the time of sleep.

Sleep supplements are available for your help, but if you want to help yourself in sleeping soundly, it is necessary to have a clear mind. So, try meditation or working out your body through light exercises. A natural process is the best way to adapt a habit any day.

It is very important that you give your body and brain enough rest to function properly the next day. Your nervous system requires little amounts of energy boosters in the form of sleep and you must try it to see what wonder it works on you!

Many believe that keeping yourself awake for longer hours will help you in giving more productivity. This is a complete myth. People all around the world are suffering from sleep disorders and hence suffering from depression and anxiety. This is a cumulative process which does not stop.

So, its time people realise the importance of timely sleep which should at least last for 6-7 hours. For the ones suffering from sleepless nights, drinking caffeinated drinks to keep your body energised the next day is not a solution. Instead, it’s recommended to take some help and gift your brain a good sleep. There are many products which help you in sleeping well and consuming them for a short while in little amounts do not put you in any danger.