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Dating a friends can lead to true love

Updated: Mar 3

Dating a friend can lead you towards true love

What do you think about dating a friend? If you can find your soulmate and true love in your friend, how would it be? It would be nice. What could be better than spending your life with your friend as a life partner? Friendship and love are delicate things that are created over some time. Finding love in your friend is quite risky as it takes a lot of courage to tell your friend because of the fear of losing them.

So, you just don't have to go and say it directly, but you can follow a process of slow transition to make your friend your life partner.

Take the initiative

If you like your friend and you want to make them your life partner, you need to be careful while asking them to go on a date. There is a 50% chance that you will get a positive response. You can start asking your friend like, let’s have a cup of coffee together, or you can ask, let's have a walk in the park. Rest, what you can do is, you can start spending most of the time with your friend giving them little signs to show them that you are interested in.

Show them care

Making a transition from friendship to relationship requires you to put in a lot of effort. You can start showing them care more than often. You have to do at least one thing in a week that shows your care for them more than a friend. Similarly, you can give little presents to show your affection and give those handwritten notes or cards to show your love for them.

Be who you are

As you are the one who knows your friend the most, so you know what your friend is expecting in their life partner. You have to be that person that your friend wants to live with. This does not mean that you should start faking out and try to be someone else. This is probably not going to work, and you might end up losing your friend’s trust and even friend itself.

Tell your friend that you want to be in a relationship

If you are friends for a long time, there must have been developed at a certain level of trust and honesty. You can be open to your friends and tell them that you want to be in a relationship with them. While doing so, you need to be careful because both of you are at risk of losing a friend. The best way to tell your friend that you want to be in a relationship is to judge their feelings for you in the first place.

Be patient

Being good friends for a long time does not mean that you can openly date your friend. Remember, it takes time to initiate a transition from friendship into a relationship. We are living in a fast-paced world, and everything here happens so quickly that we expect the other person to respond with the same amount of feelings.

Trust and relationships happen with time. All you need to do is to let your relationship grow with its own pace, have faith and trust in your partner, remove your anxiety, and be patient. As you know, the Famous proverb “Slow and steady wins the race," that's exactly what you need to do.