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6 Ways to Stay Motivated and Get That 6 Pack

Updated: Mar 3

We’ve all been there. You jumped on the “get fit!” bandwagon on January 1st only to find yourself completely uninterested in continuing your new workout and meal planning regime a few weeks later.

I get it! Waking up earlier sounded like a good idea, until you realized it’s still completely dark at 5am.

Passing on your usual donut and latte breakfast seemed possible, until you felt the sugar withdrawal. Hey you, don’t give up! If you’ve had some trouble staying motivated we’re here to help! Here are 6 ways to stay motivated and get that six pack you wanted before summer!

#1 - Plan to fail

Ok, listen. This one might sound counter-intuitive, but stick with me. We’re all going to have a rough day and miss our workout or eat a bag of Doritos on occasion. The trick is to not let this completely derail your entire fitness goal.


I’ve been there. You eat the Doritos and then feel miserable with your choice and decide to console yourself with a heaping bowl of ice cream too. The following day you feel like a failure and just decide this whole 6 pack thing is impossible and give it all up.

Consistency over time will bring you the results you’re seeking.

You are going to have off days.

Plan for them. When this happens wake up the next morning and jump right back in it.

#2 - Get a work out buddy

Look around your circle of friends and ask a buddy if they want to join you a few days a week during your workouts. There’s probably someone you know right now that could use a little extra push themselves so this one could benefit you both.

Staying motivated is a heck of a lot easier when you have someone in your corner cheering you on.

Plus it’s always nice to have a friend as a backup alarm clock for those cold, dark early AM workouts.

This is also one of the reasons that we highly recommend the Weight Watchers program! If you're serious about losing weight, Weight Watchers offers virtually guaranteed results.

#3 - Make a vision board

Every year thousands of people set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and the majority give up quickly. Why? They don’t keep that goal in front of them on a daily basis.

There are dozens of helpful articles that can give you more details on creating a vision board, but here’s the short version.

Get specific. Is your goal to gain muscle? Lose weight? Fit into those old jeans you used to love? Write down your #smartgoal and set yourself a time to achieve it by. For example, “Lose 10 lbs by July.” Next, find a motivating photo (could be of yourself from years past or just a random google search six pack abs).

Put this photo and written goal in a visible place that you’ll see every day to remind yourself what you’re aiming towards.

#4 - Start Small

Many of us lose motivation because we try to do too much too fast.


Instead, start small and build as you go. The perk of this approach is even making small fitness accomplishments will motivate you to do more. If you’re just starting in your workout journey set yourself a goal that is doable.

It could be something like... “Walk 5 minutes a day for 3 days this week”.

What?? This sounds tooooooo easy...

That’s the point.

Once you knock out 5 minutes a day you’ll start to build some momentum and confidence. It's called a #SuccessSpiral. Next week you can add an additional 10 minutes a day, and so on. This approach will snowball you to achieve far more than starting too big and failing would.

#5 - Plan your rewards

Who doesn’t love the feeling of being rewarded for a job well done? You can do the same thing to motivate yourself when it comes to nutrition and fitness goals.

What do you love? Going to concerts? A fancy dinner with your significant other? Picking up a new high tech gadget? Look back at your goal and grab a calendar. Write down the rewards you’ll give yourself when you hit different mile markers to your ultimate goal!

Maybe you want to lose 10 lbs by summer. Well if you hit 5 lbs by April, plan to reward yourself by going to see that new movie you’ve been excited about!

#6 - Only compare you to you

What do Instagram, TV, and billboards have in common? Sexy models. While we do think it's good to have a picture for a goal, it's the goal that should motivate you, not the picture.

The only person you should focus on is the one that you were yesterday. Work today to be a little better tomorrow.

Compare you to you and celebrate every little success. Focus on being consistent in your improvement, #buildinghabits, and don't let disappointment discourage. Don't try to look like your favorite celeb in three weeks. Try to look and feel better than you did three weeks ago and guess what...


Summing it up

Don't be too hard on yourself, stay consistent, stay focused, and if you haven't been to the gym in two weeks, honestly ask yourself why. Sometimes you have to just push through and make yourself go back. Sometimes you need to ask for help.

No matter what, DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR GOALS! Get back in there. You got this!


If you keep these 6 motivators in your back pocket you’re sure to achieve your goals!

P.S. - Did we leave something out? Post your thoughts below to help us get better next time!