Ms. Tay

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As a full-time student struggling to support her 2 children, she couldn’t keep up with rent and got evicted from her apartment.Ms. Tay was forced to enter a homeless shelter for the second time. That’s when she turned to RBSCC for help.

Through intensive counseling and financial management services, RBSCC staff helped her create a plan to move out of the shelter.  Alongside RBSCC staff, she searched and applied for apartments within her budget. In what Ms. Tay called “a miracle”, she secured an apartment in a brand new affordable housing complex. “The biggest thing my case manager did for me was advocacy…The next thing I knew, I had keys to my own apartment,” she said.

With more energy to focus on her career goals, she now aspires to become an advocate for people in need. “When we moved in, my daughter thought someone was playing a joke on us. Our apartment was so gorgeous that she didn’t unpack for 2 months…It felt like I was in a dream.”