-Mrs. Sanchez

Ms. Sanchez

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After the birth of her twin children, Mrs. Sanchez entered the shelter system to flee an abusive relationship. She moved out of the homeless shelter and into her own apartment with a 1 year rental assistance program. When the program came to an end, she realized that she needed more time to stabilize.

That’s when she came to RBSCC for services, “I wasn’t looking for an easy way out—I wanted help to get me on my feet”. Through close coordination with RBSCC staff, her case manager successfully extended her rental assistance program for another year. The guidance and supportive services provided by RBSCC staff allowed Mrs. Sanchez to secure a higher paying job and save enough money for the future.

Now that her rental assistance program has ended, she has ample income to afford the apartment on her own without any financial assistance. “The program works… Maybe at first being homeless wasn’t my choice, but after that, it’s up to you”, said Ms. Sanchez.