Ms. Rosado

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After a serious medical condition nearly took her life, Ms. Rosado was faced with eviction from her home and crippling medical expenses. “I was ready to sell everything I could. I didn’t want to go back to shelter,” she said. As a child, she spent a year in a homeless shelter and vowed never to return.

Facing the threat of homelessness, Ms. Rosado came to RBSCC for supportive services. Through a combination of mediation and advocacy with private and government agencies, RBSCC staff cleared all owed rent and worked with her landlord to allow her family to remain in their apartment.  RBSCC also improved the conditions within her apartment by addressing outstanding repairs that needed to be made.

Now working full-time, she feels more optimistic about her financial and personal goals. Mrs. Rosado summarized her experience with RBSCC: “If you don’t want to be on the street, you need to fight. But you’re not alone—there is help.”