Ms. Cotto

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Supporting 6 children on one income, Ms. Cotto could no longer afford her apartment and was facing eviction. At risk of homelessness, the Cotto family came to RBSCC.

“[My case manager] never gave me the run around. She was very detailed and helped me so much,” she said. RBSCC staff and Ms. Cotto worked together to create an action plan to keep her family out of the shelter system for good. This plan helped her to focus her efforts on employment, savings and sustainable budgeting to keep her apartment. RBSCC staff then assisted her with an application for the FEPS program, leading to 5 years of rental

With the support of RBSCC staff, she now successfully budgets her income and saves with the goal of moving her family to Pennsylvania. “[My case manager] has given me time to get a better paying job and get back on my feet…. I’ll never be homeless again for the rest of my life.”