-Goliath Lucas

Goliath Lucas

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Unemployed and tired of taking odd jobs to sustain himself, Goliath Lucas came to RBSCC looking for new career opportunities.

With the help of his career counselor, Goliath set strict goals for himself to quickly get hired as a security guard. Through an RBSCC career development workshop, he learned skills he now uses in a professional setting, such as responsibility and independent working. As a result of the workshops, he claims, “My character is better than it was before… I am more independent than I used to be.”

RBSCC then referred Goliath to a security training program where he gained the confidence and earned the certifications necessary for hire. Now working for a major security company, he feels stable and equipped for growth within the company.

In the future, he plans to advance his career within the Security field by working as an Armor Truck guard. “I am more responsible and more mature. I feel good about myself. And that is all thanks to the program,” said Goliath.