Daquan Blount

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Daquan Blount came to RBSCC unemployed, and completed the program with a GED, an industry credential, and a job.

Motivated to create a brighter future for his daughter, Daquan worked with his career counselor to draft an action plan for stable employment. As a natural problem solver and mediator, Daquan chose the RBSCC sponsored Security Guard training. He worked closely with RBSCC staff to develop his professional skills, including interviewing and resume writing. With the support services provided by RBSCC staff, he was hired at a top-notch Security company and completed his GED.

Looking for new opportunities to advance in the field, he’s now studying to secure a higher paying position as an Administrative Officer. He attributes his success to the quality of service he received, “It was great! I learned a lot of things about teamwork and helping others.”