-Amor Maalem

Amor Maalem

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Last year Amor Maalem was at a crossroads in his career; he could either continue to work 12 hour days at a job he disliked, or make a serious career change. With the supportive services he found at RBSCC, Amor chose the latter.

When he first came to RBSCC, his career counselor tailored an action plan to prepare him for hire. RBSCC staff coached him on how to best represent his skills in an interview and instructed him on how to write a resume and cover letter—three things he had never done before. After Amor completed an unarmed guard certification, RBSCC then referred him to a security agency for interview. All of this preparatory work paid off because he was hired by the first company where he interviewed.

He now enjoys a sense of fulfillment from the work he does and in the process, gets a higher compensation and benefits. “[RBSCC] really helps people change their lives for the better. You have to come and do [the program] because you’re going to get help,” said Amor.