HomeBase in the News

Here at the RBSCC Community Empowerment Center, we manage two HomeBase homelessness prevention programs, located in Bushwick and Brownsville. The goal of HomeBase is to stop homelessness before it starts, by reaching out to community residents who are at imminent risk of losing their homes. A recent study by the program’s funder, the Department of Homeless Services, proves that this strategy really works. According to DHS Commissioner, Michelle Ovesey, “Through the study, we were able to compare the results for those who received HomeBase and those who did not, and it shows that for those who did not, they were twice as likely to enter shelter than those who received the services.” In July, NY 1 news covered the HomeBase program. Check out the clip below, which includes footage of RBSCC’s own HomeBase office in Bushwick!

Late last month, the HomeBase program was also the focus of an excellent article by Roseanne Haggerty, the founder of Common Ground Community and Community Solutions. Ms. Haggerty lauded the HomeBase program’s innovative and effective approach to solving homelessness in our city. Click here to read her article in the Daily News.

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